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About Us

  • TEAM SCREWDRIVERS was formed in 2014 as student formula team with a dream to become one of the best student formula team all over the India.

  • Every year we build a car right from designing it to actually manufacturing, fabricating and building the vehicle according to the event rules in which we participate.

Our Vision

  • Team Screwdrivers envisions to design, build, and compete with a new Formula style race car each year - integrating classroom concepts with real world applications and to develop skills in engineering, manufacturing and leadership.

Our Mission

  • To help students develop their engineering skills, as well as their ability to work as a team, apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, and develop business cleverness.

  • Through the use of a competitive engineering design and race series, we encourage students to think critically, develop their own designs and solutions, and put those designs to the test in a competitive environment.


Let’s hit the road.

Core Values


Safety Harnesses, Tight-Fitting Clothing & Helmets

Professional & reliable team of experts

           Fire Safety
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