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Our Team.

If you can laugh together, you can work together.

2023 Team screwdrivers Captains

Manas Kulkarni
Team Captain
Ashish Pawar
Team Captain
[Formula Imperial]

Dynamics Team

Atharv Tambe
Vice Captain and 
Brake System Lead
Harsh Kate 
Engine, Electronics and Powertrain Lead
Saurabh Rai 
Rollcage Lead
Suyash Dharmadhikari
Management Lead
Bhavesh  Parmar
Vice Captain and 
Steering System Lead
Nikhil Kadam
Suspension Lead
Pawan Khair
Aesthetics Lead

Statics Team

Harsh Bode
Business Logic Lead
Saket Prasad
Cost and Manufacturing Lead
Nitanshu Modekar
Design Evaluation Lead


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